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How to Rotate a Video in DaVinci Resolve

rotate video

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most popular video editing software in the world. It has the necessary tools for complicated color grading, video editing, audio post-production, and many more. Therefore, you can rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve without breaking a sweat.

In this tutorial, given the simplicity and the straightforwardness of this action, alongside rotations, I will also show you how to flip a video on the vertical and horizontal axis. In addition, we will play a little with the DaVinci Resolve keyframes of this parameter and make a simple animation.

So let us learn how to rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve!

Tips & Tricks before you start working with effects in DaVinci Resolve

  • Use keyboard shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with DaVinci Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow and save time during the editing process. For instance, ‘A‘ for selection mode, ‘B‘ for blade mode, and ‘S‘ for slip mode.
  • Take advantage of adjustment clips: Use adjustment clips to apply effects or color corrections to multiple video clips at once, instead of applying them individually. Simply drag the adjustment clip over the video clips on the timeline, and any changes made to it will affect all underlying clips.
  • Save custom presets: If you frequently use specific settings or effects, create custom presets to save time in future projects. You can save presets for color grading, transitions, and even Fusion compositions.
  • Use Proxy Mode for smoother editing: If you’re working with high-resolution footage that slows down your editing process, switch to Proxy Mode. This feature creates lower-resolution versions of your clips for smoother playback during editing, while still maintaining the original quality during the final render.
  • Utilize dynamic zoom: Add dynamic movement to your clips using the Dynamic Zoom tool. This feature allows you to create smooth and professional-looking zooms and pans without having to manually keyframe the movement.

Rotate a Video in DaVinci Resolve

You might not find any use for this in a great video editor but don’t jump to hasty conclusions yet. Rotations can help you change the perspective of a shot or realize simple animations and transitions. Just let your imagination run wild.

Go to the “Edit” mode and press “Inspector“. You can find the “Inspector drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your workspace.

edit mode

After that, a menu with different types of parameters will drop down, look for the “Transform” section and find “Rotation Angle“, afterward just set whatever value you desire. As a result, you will notice your video spinning according to the value you set.

rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve

In my screenshot, you can see that I changed the value from 0 degrees to 180 degrees and my video got turned upside down.

This is all you have to do to rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve!

Horizontal and Vertical Flip in DaVinci Resolve

Flipping is mostly used to create a mirror effect, an abstract shot or simply to change the direction the actor is looking if you feel like it.

Just like before, this can be easily done by going to the same “Inspector drop-down menu. Look at the bottom of the “Transform section and select what kind of flip you want, it can be horizontal or vertical.

rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve

Make your first simple animation in DaVinci Resolve

Now that you know how to rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve, we can play a little with the keyframes too. You can`t do animations without keyframes.

The keyframe system is really easy to learn! You have to choose a place in time on your Timeline and choose the parameters you want to animate, by simply clicking the small diamond next to each parameter’s value.

After that, move forward in time, on the Timeline, where you want the animation to stop and insert new values for the parameters you chose. As a result, the animation will take place between the 2 points in time.

As you can see I went forward in time almost 2 seconds on my Timeline, and modified the Zoom, Position, and Rotation Angle parameters with new values. Therefore, in that small interval of time, my Earth video will rotate, zoom and move to that position.

And this is pretty much it. Now you know how to do simple animations, flip your video horizontally or vertically, and rotate a video in DaVinci Resolve! I hope this information will help make your projects cooler!

Video tutorial


DaVinci Resolve is a powerful and versatile video editing software that allows users to effortlessly perform various editing tasks, including rotating, flipping, and creating simple animations.

This tutorial has demonstrated the ease with which these functions can be executed, helping you enhance the visual appeal and quality of your video projects. By exploring DaVinci Resolve’s extensive toolset and exercising your creativity, you can elevate your video editing skills and produce professional-grade content.

Remember to check out related articles for more tips, tricks, and techniques to make the most of DaVinci Resolve’s vast capabilities. Happy editing!

Mihai Sessa

Mihai Sessa

After spending 9 years in the post-production studio, Mihai decided to share his insights on video editing and computers.

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