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How to Change Aspect Ratio in Premiere Pro + Expert Tips

aspect ratio

The aspect ratio may need to be changed for several reasons in Premiere Pro. Whatever that reason is, this guide will show you exactly how to change your aspect ratio on the Adobe Premiere Pro software.

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Quick guide

The easiest & fastest way to change your aspect ratio is to navigate to File > New > Sequence > Settings.

When you’re in the settings menu on the new sequence window, you should be able to see the Video section. To change the aspect ratio, you can adjust the frame size and resolution.

How to change the aspect ratio for a New Sequence in detail

1. Creating your New Sequence

Navigate to File > New > Sequence and click on Sequence.

changing aspect ratio for a new project 1

2. Navigate to “Settings” and look at the “Video” section

This will open up a new window. Navigate to Settings in this window. Once in the Settings tab, you should see the Video section. This is where you can change the aspect ratio settings for your project.

You can see the actual aspect ratio in the image below. You can find it next to the resolution – 16:9.

changing aspect ratio for a new project 2

3. Calculate your Aspect Ratio & enter it

If you know the aspect ratio, enter it in. If you don’t, you can calculate the aspect ratio here if you are trying to figure out the resolution of your desired aspect ratio.

Once you are done, click OK.

If you’re changing the aspect ratio mid-project

So, you’re already halfway through editing your project and realise that you forgot to use the correct aspect ratio, but don’t fret, because you can actually change the aspect ratio for an entire sequence.

1. Navigate to “Edit”, then click “Auto Reframe Sequence”

Make sure you have your sequence open, then go to Edit > Auto Reframe Sequence.

Alternatively, find your Projects Panel & right-click on your sequence within this panel. Go to Auto Reframe Sequence and click on it. This will open up a new window.

changing aspect ratio mid project 1

2. Change your “Target Aspect Ratio”

In this new window, you can see Target Aspect Ratio. You can change these settings however you like. Once you’ve picked a new ratio and adjusted your settings, Adobe Premiere Pro will do an excellent job of keeping everything within your project well centred and in the frame.

But bear in mind that this process is not perfect, and your project may need adjusting.

changing aspect ratio mid project 2


It’s a straightforward task to change your aspect ratio within Premiere Pro. Never underestimate the importance of a suitable aspect ratio for your project. You should know how to change the aspect ratio in Premiere Pro, whether you’re doing it for a new project or halfway through one already.

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