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How to Rotate Video in Premiere Pro + Visual Guides


Recording a video is a dynamic process often involving following the subject while keeping it in the middle of the frame. Sometimes, you don’t get the perfect angle you are looking for or realize it until you are in the editing room. However, this is not an issue when you have Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can rotate videos in Premiere Pro by selecting the clip on the timeline and using the “Effect Controls” panel. Choose “Rotation” from the list under “Motion Properties”. Lastly, drag the number to the direction you want to rotate or type a value into the box.

It is relatively easy to rotate a video in Premiere Pro, and it can be done in seconds. So, let’s glance at how to rotate video in Premiere Pro.

The most accurate way to rotate videos in Premiere Pro

The most precise way to rotate videos in Premiere Pro is by selecting the video clip you want and using the effect controls panel. The effect controls panel is found through your timeline once you have chosen a clip you want to edit. 

You will want to follow a few easy steps to rotate your video through the effects control panel.

  1. First, ensure you selected your video clip on the timeline.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Effects Controls” as shown in the red box in the image below. (If Effects Controls does not appear, you can find it under the “Window” in the taskbar.
  3. Next to the “Rotation” option, click and drag the number left and right to change the value.
  4. You can also set keyframes to animate the rotation. Learn how to set keyframes in Premiere Pro here.
effects control panel premiere pro

It’s as simple as that! Check out this quick video by Adobe:

Another way you can rotate videos in Premiere Pro

Rotating videos in Premiere Pro through the effects control panel is easy, but you may need to choose a different option depending on your ultimate goal for the clip. Luckily, there are other ways to rotate your videos if you need a different rotation type.

Going for a complete change in perspective is called flipping a video. So, what does that mean?

Flip your video in Premiere Pro

Though slightly different from rotating, the two terms are often interchangeable because a flip is like a full rotation. If you need to move your video to a completely different perspective, like 180 degrees, then you need to flip your video. 

Flipping a video in Premiere Pro is easy and can be done through just a few steps, as well. So, why would you want to flip your video? It’s a one-click option that can change the perspective from upside down to right side up.

This video shows how you can fully rotate or flip your video in only a few seconds: 

Final thoughts

Now, you know how to rotate your video clips in Premiere Pro. Follow the instructions above, and you can change the perspective of your video to something that looks the way you intended it to from the start. 

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