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How to Add Keyframes in Premiere Pro + Expert Tips


Knowing how to add & edit keyframes in Premiere can be overwhelming to the average beginner, but don’t worry, as it’s pretty simple. The guide below will show you how to add keyframes in quick, easy-to-follow detail in Premiere Pro.

What are keyframes used for?

Keyframes are used for creating a movement. Let’s say you want to have a slow cinematic zoom on your shot:

  1. You will set a keyframe at the start of your clip where you want the zoom to start. Set the Scale at 100.00.
  2. Then, you will set a second keyframe where you want the zoom to stop. Set the Scale to 106.00.

This will give your footage a slow cinematic zoom. Of course, it depends on how long your clip is on the speed of your zoom, but you get the point.

How to quickly add keyframes

  1. Ensure you have the “Editing” tab selected in the panel along the top & ensure you have the “Effect Controls” panel open.
  2. Select a clip in your sequence that you want to add the keyframes to.
  3. Go to the “Effect Controls” panel. You will see stopwatches next to Position, Scale, and other options.
  4. Click on one of these stopwatches to begin adding the keyframes.

How to add keyframes in Premiere Pro

1. Go to the “Effect Controls” panel

Make sure you’re in the Editing Panel. This is where you can access Effect Controls.

If you can’t see Effect Controls, you can make the window appear by going to Window in the top menu bar and then selecting Effect Controls.

effects control panel

2. Adding keyframes

Select the clip that you want to add keyframes to. Once you’ve done this, some settings should appear in the Effect Controls tab.

You will see stopwatches next to a number of these settings, and these are options to add different types of keyframes to your clip.

Wherever your play marker is (the blue line that moves along your sequence when you hit play on your project) is where your keyframes will be added when you select a stopwatch icon.

adding keyframes in premiere pro 2

3. Adding multiple keyframes

You can add multiple keyframes to a single clip. Once you have your first keyframe in your clip of choice, a diamond icon with two arrows on either side facing away from each other will appear. This is your option to add more keyframes to your clip.

There’s no limit to the number of keyframes you can add to your project, so there’s no need to worry about this.

adding keyframes in premiere pro 3

Tips on using keyframes in Premiere Pro

1. Use bezier keyframes

To smoothen the effect of the keyframes so it has a cinematic feel, you need to right-click on your keyframes and click “Bezier”. This will give a smooth starting and finishing motion so the viewer doesn’t quite notice a jarring change.

2. Don’t rush

Slow and steady wins the race. Being patient with your keyframes will make them better. Take your time to master the motion. It’s basically a form of animating, so you need to make sure the movement is smooth and pleasant.

You never see animators rush their work, do you?

3. Slow and steady movements – be minimal

Don’t overdo it! Minimal movements win over too much movement. It’s more cinematic when things are minimal and have a slight movement. When it’s too much, it feels unnatural.

Video tutorial

Check more tips in this video tutorial


Being capable of working with keyframes in Premiere Pro is another one of those crucial skills that every experienced user in Premiere Pro should know how to do. You should be aware of how to add keyframes in Premiere Pro efficiently without any issues.

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