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How to Use Multi-camera in Adobe Premiere Pro – Easy & Quick


If you are working on a short film or a social media ad that has multiple camera angles for the same scene and you need to find how to use multi-camera in Adobe Premiere Pro, you are in the right place!

Premiere Pro’s multi-camera editing tool lets you sync multiple cameras in one sequence and then smoothly switch between those angles by pressing the number keys on your keyboard. Video editing has never been this simple and easy!

How to quickly set up the Multi-camera Tool in Premiere Pro

To quickly set up the multi-camera tool, you have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Sync all cameras

Synchronize the cameras with the Premiere’s sync tool, select all your camera clips, right-click on them and go to Synchronize.

Step 2 – Nest all videos

Select all clips and nest them together in one group. Just like before, select all clips, right-click on them and go to Nest.

Step 3 – Enable Multi-camera

Right-click on the nested sequence, go to Multi-camera and select Enable

Step 4 – Toggle “On”

Right now, the multi-camera tool has been activated, but it is not showing as it should. You have to toggle ON the Multicamera View. To do this, simply click on its icon or press the keyboard shortcut “Shift+0.”

Check the next video to see exactly how to do it!

Editing and switching between camera angles

Now, you can start editing! While in play, use the numeric keyboard keys to edit the video in real time. How it works is really easy: number 1 will bring in view camera 1, number 2 will bring in view camera 2, and so on. Easy right?

use multicamera in Adobe Premiere Pro

Go ahead and switch back and forth between the camera angles until you achieve your desired result. Once you are done, hit the spacebar to stop. If you look closely inside the timeline, you will see that Premiere Pro has automatically cut and replaced the new camera angles for each timecode you selected. This is the multi-camera mojo!

Adjusting your Multi-Camera target sequence

Given the fact that it is real-time editing, you will not be able to do it perfectly on this first try. To adjust your cuts, use the Rolling Edit tool. Select the tool from the toolbar (or press “N” to activate the rolling edit), then grab the cut and roll it to the desired timecode in the sequence.

Rolling Edit Tool in Premiere Pro

Or, let’s say you want to change from camera angle 1 to camera angle 2. You can do this by clicking on the clip in the sequence and pressing the number of the angle you want to change it to. It’s really that simple!

Finally, go ahead and add any effects you want, such as color correction, music, or transitions to the video sequence—do it as you would with any standard sequence in Premiere Pro.

This is it! Now, you are the proud owner of this new information on how to use multicamera in Adobe Premiere Pro. That short film or social media ad will stand no chance in front of Premiere`s multicamera tool.

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