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5 Best YouTuber Animations & Templates + Free Downloads


Bounce Color YouTube Animated Elements

Bounce Color has a wide range of social media animations that can drag & drop into any editing software. Their library is huge with top quality styles.

The animations are provided in Quicktime ProRes 4444 + Alpha channel. This is industry standard quality with a transparent background, similar to how a PNG photo works.

Works with:

All editing software

Get free YouTube Animations from Bounce Color

Bounce Color has been so kind as to give a few YouTube animations away from their YouTube pack.

Download Free YouTube Animations Here

Envato Elements YouTube Kits

Envato is a marketplace where many creators and animators put their work up for sale. You will need to sign up for a monthly subscription to access their files, but if it’s something you are willing to do, then here it is.

There is a huge range of styles due to the fact there are loads of different creators on there. It may be hard to sift through the choices, but you will find something. Just keep an eye on what software they work with and what quality they are provided in, usually, it’s hit and miss with these YouTube motion graphics templates.

Works with:

A mix of editing software

VideoHive YouTube Motion Graphics

VideoHive is another website built by Envato, but it’s more directed at individual sales rather than a subscription.

videohive youtube kits

Works with:

A mix of editing software

MotionVFX YouTube Plugin

The mTuber plugin is designed to give you customisation options. It gives you the ability to use 3D social media icons and subscribe buttons. Take a look at the video below to see more.

The only downside is that it’s only available for Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut isn’t the greatest software out there, I believe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve are much better.

Works with:


Get them here:

Get mTuber 3

PlaceIt YouTube Motion Graphics

PlaceIt is another marketplace built by Envato which features a bunch of creators’ content. You can license particular animations or motion graphics templates to use in your video editing projects.

Just like Envato, there is a wide range of styles and you may need to sift through a bunch to find the right one.


Works with:

A mix of editing software


There are not a whole lot of companies out there building YouTube motion graphics templates currently, maybe we will see more of it in the future! Comment below if you know of any more we can add to the list.

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