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100+ Free Creative Assets for Video Editors & Motion Graphics


If you are a video editor or motion graphics artist, you surely use one of the many video editing software out there. We all use different software to achieve the same goal. Therefore, there surely are lots of free creative assets for video editors and motion graphics artists out there. 

Depending on what software you use, you might have more or fewer free assets available for you. In this article, I will talk about what free assets I know and use, so let us start! 

Free creative assets from Bounce Color

Established in 2015 by a team of London-based Filmmakers (Stunt Camera Crew), Bounce Color was founded to solve the biggest problems they faced in the real world of Filmmaking. They wanted to make the editing process creative, unique, and quicker.

bouncecolor video editing tools homepage

Besides the paid digital assets such as, Animated Elements, Film LUTs, Lens Flares, Cinematic SFX, and Cinematic Titles, Bounce Color also have a lot of free assets available for you:

You can use these free creative assets on almost every popular editing software out there, including DaVinci Resolve. In conclusion, if you are a video editor, motion graphics artist, or both, Bounce Color will offer you an amazing range of creative assets to use.

You can also find free YouTube motion graphics on their site if that interests you.

Free Creative Assets From Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a collaborative resource for training, design tools, and artists. They strive to create innovative tools with the sole purpose of improving the speed and quality of the user’s production while offering flexibility and freedom.

Video Copilot has published a lot of creative assets. In the beginning, they started creating free tutorials for Adobe After Effects. As time passed they managed to publish over 160 free video tutorials, along with dozens of digital products and plug-ins used by professional designers around the world.

Video Copilot homepage

They made available the project file for many video tutorials completely for free and that is not all. Many paid plug-ins and digital creative assets are available for purchase, but they also have free assets available for download:

If you are a beginner video editor or motion graphic artist, Video Copilot is the perfect place for you, I learned a lot on this site and I will recommend it all the time. 

Free creative assets from Reactor by the We Suck Less community

Created by the “we suck less” community, Reactor is an open-source package manager and it was created exclusively for DaVinci Resolve. It offers a vast library filled with free creative assets, free macros, and free scripts created by the community’s developers.

Download Reactor and drop it inside your fusion tab. From here on you will have access to lots of cool stuff. If you want to see a more detailed step-by-step article on how to install Reactor and use its free creative assets, you can access the link here.

Free 3D objects and textures from CGTrader

CGTrader is the world’s largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models. CGTrader Marketplace showcases 1,150,000 3D models and includes a managed community of 3.85 million users. 

Alongside the paid models and textures, you can find a lot of free texture and 3D models suitable for any real-time or game development engine and any mainstream 3D editing or rendering software like Maya, Max, Modo, Cinema4D, and many more.

free creative assets

So don’t lose time modeling. Try and see first if you can shorten your work by checking if you can find it here already done by expert 3D designers all over the world and most importantly, completely free.

Free creative assets from PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat is made by Shutterstock and it is a royalty-free music website that strives to provide exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects best used in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.

PremiumBeat’s YouTube channel is focused on offering you video tutorials on video editing, video production, motion graphics, and more! 

15 Free Textured Transitions for Premiere Pro 

These creative assets include 7 dynamic title animations, 3 lower thirds, and 3 video transitions made exclusively for Adobe Premiere Pro. To access the files, click on this link, and it will take you directly to the download page.

10 Free Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

These creative assets include 10 .mogrt motion graphics template files for Adobe Premiere Pro, a folder of fonts to install, and an AE project file for further customization and options. Access the files.

25 Free Unique Vintage Sound Effects

These creative assets include 5 ambient SFX, 3 beat-loops, 2 risers, 10 SFX & 5 transition SFX. Access the SFX.

Two Sets of Hand-Painted Animated Fonts

These creative assets include 26 pre-keyed thick letters (.mov), 26 pre-keyed thin letters (.mov), 1 After Effects project file for easy use. Access the fonts.

18 Free Animated Gritty Textures

These creative assets include 18 animated texture video files (h.264) each around 5 seconds in length, 18+ still versions of all textures (.jpg). Access the textures gritty.

All of these motion graphics templates are free to use in any personal or commercial project. On the download link pages, you also have step-by-step tutorials on how to install these assets.

These free assets that I presented to you are awesome and will help you a lot, but don’t believe you have everything you need. Sure, there is much more free stuff out there, these are the ones I know about and use all the time. 

MotionBro Effects

MotionBro have some pretty cool effects created for Premiere Pro & After Effects. Take a look at the different examples you have in the video below.

Premiere Pro Free Transitions, Elements & SFX

You can get the free presets here.


If anyone knows of any more free effects for video editing or creatives, please contact us and I would be more than happy to consider adding to this list.

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