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How to Merge Clips in DaVinci Resolve [Quick & Easy]

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Knowing how to merge clips in one video doesn’t sound like hard work, but a video merger means a lot to most professional videographers and video editors. If you merge video clips, it can add that unique element of continuity you see in longer clips without noticing any breaks, cuts, or retakes between them.

Video editing is an art; merging multiple clips can give life and a whole new meaning to your incredible shots. It takes time, effort, and patience to make it look perfect and much more professional.

We’re using DaVinci Resolve 18, the latest DaVinci Resolve video editing software version. If you want the best results for your project and the easiest time following any of our tutorials. We highly recommend you update your software to the latest version.

How to merge clips in DaVinci Resolve

Step 1 – First things first, download the software

This step may seem obvious, but you can’t do much without the software. You can download DaVinci Resolve by heading to the official website; you can do this through a quick Google search.

Once on the website, click the ‘Free Download Now’ button to use the software for free. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from all of the software’s features, then feel free to purchase it online.

Downloading the DaVinci Resolve software.

Step 2 – Import specific clips onto the timeline

Once you have downloaded and fully installed the software onto your MAC or PC operating systems, launch the DaVinci Resolve software and import two or more of your clips onto the timeline in the program.

Importing media to DaVinci Resolve

Step 3 – Select the clips you want to merge

Now, slide or join clips together so that there is no visible gap between them. Then, use your mouse and select/highlight all of your clips. Make sure that all of your clips are on the same timeline. You will run into problems if one clip is in the wrong place.

You’ll know your clips are selected when surrounded by a red border.

Selecting clips to merge in the timeline on DaVinci Resolve

Step 4 – Merging clips

Now that you have selected all of your clips, right-click on your selection and click ‘new compound,’ or you can navigate to ‘Clip’ > ‘New Compound Clip.’ Rename your clip and click the ‘create’ button. DaVinci Resolve will then merge all of your selected clips for you.

Please note that the software requires a heavy and robust system to run smoothly. There may also be times when the result and final quality are not up to standard.

Creating a new compound clip in the clip menu on DaVinci Resolve

The super quick way

Here is another method that does not take as much time. I prefer my first method, but here is something for those who would like some options!

Step 1 – Choose all of your clips

If you are on a MacBook, hold Command or Ctrl and click on the first clip or number of clips you’d like to select. You can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+A’ or ‘Cmd+A’ if you want to select all of your clips. Right-click on the same clip you selected and press ‘New Compound Clip.’

Step 2 – Name the new clip

Your new clip will ask for a name. Head to the pop-up menu on your screen and name your selected clips. You can also click ‘create’ without typing in any text if you don’t want to name it.

Video guide


How do I merge 2 separate clips?

Select the clips you want to merge by dragging your mouse cursor over them. Once done, go to ‘Clip‘ > ‘New Compound Clip.’ Name the new clip, and you should be done.

How do I compound clips in DaVinci Resolve?

Compounding clips is the same as merging clips. Select the clips you want to compound and go to ‘Clip‘ > ‘New Compound Clip.’ Name the resulting clip when you’re finished.

How do I move frame by frame in DaVinci Resolve?

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. These will help you move throughout your timeline 1 frame at a time.

How do I move clips frame by frame in DaVinci Resolve?

Select the clip you want to move. When the clip is selected, press comma (,) to move it 1 frame backwards and press period (.) to move it 1 frame forwards. It’s helpful to zoom into your timeline as much as possible so you can see how far you move your clip.


Merging clips in DaVinci Resolve or any other video editing software may seem like the simplest task. Still, to any beginner video editor or even some intermediates, it can sometimes be unbeknownst to them and proves to be a very useful skill to have within your video editing skillset.

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