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How to Add LUTs in DaVinci Resolve + Free LUTs Download


LUTs have become a really useful piece of software over the years. There are many reasons why they are so popular. LUTs are essentially color presets delivered in a small file that you can transfer a colour style from one software to another. I will list a few good reasons below.

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Good reasons to use LUTs

  • Achieve colours that you cannot do yourself
  • Color-correct Log footage, which is difficult to do for most
  • Get the best colours out of your footage
  • Speed up your editing process
  • Transfer colours from one software to another
  • Get a preview of colour styles in your camera while shooting

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Who are LUTs useful for?

LUTs are useful for any range of editors or camera operators. They are, in fact, used in so many things you may be surprised!

Big productions

Yes, that’s right, they have been used in top productions for many years. Usually, the colour team would develop a rough grade or style to apply on the director’s monitors that are on set so that they can get a feel for the final film.

Small productions

LUTs are amazing for every size of production. They are most popular for helping people achieve specific colors on their camera monitor or in editing software. It’s similar to using Instagram filters, and placing color presets onto your footage.

Video Editors to transfer colours between software

Plus, LUTs are also used in the editor world to help users transfer colours from one software to another. Imagine if you wanted to send a colour style from DaVinci Resolve to Premiere Pro, or even Final Cut Pro. LUTs are fully compatible with nearly all editing software, so it’s super intuitive to use them everywhere.

Using LUTs on cameras & monitors

They are also used in cameras and monitors for camera operators, whether they are amateur or professional. When shooting in Log color space to get a better dynamic range, LUTs come in very handy to convert your live view of Log footage to a much more natural colour on your monitor.

Most camera operators know how annoying it is shooting in Log color space. It’s hard to tell whether it’s exposed properly or even lit well. A good natural LUT would give you a nice normal look without burning the colour into the recorded footage. Simply used as a live view preview.

YouTubers & business owners

YouTubers have a lot on their plate usually, especially when they are starting out. Anything to help them speed up their process in the editing suite or to save them time with everything. It’s not an easy task to take on so much stuff yourself. You can only really gain a team of people to help when you are a high-level YouTuber making enough money. LUTs can help any YouTuber save time with color grading or monitoring on the camera.

The same goes for business owners. Anything to help save time and get the best out of your footage is super useful!

How to use LUTs in DaVinci Resolve

Step 1 – Click on the Gear Icon in the bottom right of your software

go to settings

Step 2 – Go to Color Management

color management settings select

Step 3 – Scroll down to ‘Lookup Tables’ & click on ‘Open LUT Folder’

open lut folder

Step 4 – Copy & paste your LUTs here

It’s probably best to paste them into their own folder so they are tidy.

copy your luts to this folder

Step 5 – Click ‘Update Lists’ & click ‘Save’

Go back to DaVinci Resolve and click ‘Update lists.

update lists

How do I add a LUT to a video clip?

Step 1 – Color to the Color tab

color tab

Step 2 – Click on the clip you want to apply the LUT to

Simply just click on the clip, and then a panel with a square node will show up (just like the image below).

Step 3 – Right-click on a node & go to ‘LUTs’ & find your LUT

select your lut

Video tutorial


That’s how to add LUTs in DaVinci Resolve! Quite straightforward, right? Once you have them copied to your LUT folder, it’s easy from there.


Can you use LUTs in DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, you can use LUTs in DaVinci Resolve. You can also create LUTs with DaVinci. DaVinci is one of the best color grading programs in the world and is perfect for building/using LUTs.

Can you add LUTs to DaVinci Resolve on the iPad?

Yes, you can add LUTs to DaVinci Resolve on the iPad.

Where can I find free film LUTs?

You can find a bunch of free LUTs at bouncecolor.com.

Are LUTs used by professionals?

Yes, LUTs are commonly used by professionals with use cases such as live monitor previews, monitor calibration, transferring colors between software and much more.

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Free LUTs here

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