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Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects? + How to Change


So you recently started using it, but you don’t know where DaVinci Resolve saves projects? Well, we should go ahead and find out.

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most intuitive video-editing programs out there, but some features may be hidden in plain sight, especially if you’re expecting to find them in a slightly different place. 

When you first start DaVinci Resolve, you will get a prompt asking you where you want your projects to be saved. That’s basically your database, and all your project files are stored there.

Where does DaVinci Resolve save the project file?

1. Open DaVinci Resolve

The moment you open the program, you will be prompted with your DaVinci Resolve projects. If you click on the small button in the upper left corner, you will also be able to see your databases.

You can store them directly on your hard drive or use an external drive, but according to Blackmagic Design, the software will work better on a local drive.

Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects

2. Right-click > Open File Location

If you want to see where all of your files are stored, all you need to do is:

Right-click on your database and choose “Open File Location”. This will open a file explorer window, where you will be able to see all of your projects. 

Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects

And this is basically how you can find the location of your DaVinci Resolve projects. Of course, there are a few more things you can do to make your experience more friendly.

Video guide

Changing the save locations in DaVinci Resolve

1. Set a custom location to save projects

For starters, you can set a custom location for your cache files. 

In order to allow the program to load any files you may need, you need to let it know where it can store the cache files. You can do this by:

  1. Go into DaVinci Resolve and find the “Project Settings” button in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  2. Go to “Master Settings

2. Change the cache file location

When you’re setting the “Cache File Location”, you’re also setting the location for your optimized media, and in case it gets lost or deleted, you can tell the program where to find it again.

Another interesting thing, especially if you are planning to use this feature, is to set a custom location for “Capture and Playback”. You can access the tab from the same “Project Settings” screen, and choose a location that’s proper for you.

Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects

3. Changing the database location

The last and probably most important thing is the fact that you can change your database location. For that, you need to

  1. Click on “DaVinci Resolve” in the upper-left corner
  2. Choose “Preferences
  3. Additionally, you can open it by pressing “Ctrl+” on your keyboard
  1. Simply press “Add” and select a secondary Media Storage location
  2. Even more, if you go to the “User” section of the same tab, you will also be able to set a backup location, which is a very interesting feature to have in general. You never know when the blue screen of death visits you. 
Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects

How can you transfer a DaVinci Resolve project to another computer?

DaVinci Resolve stores its projects in a database called the “Project Library”. To transfer a project, you need to export the project from the database and then import it into the database on the other computer.

Video tutorial

Does DaVinci Resolve save projects directly onto your hard drive?

DaVinci Resolve does save projects directly onto your hard drive. It uses a database system to store projects.

You can also use Blackmagic’s new cloud service to back up your projects.

How can you archive a DaVinci Resolve project?

To archive a project, you need to click on Project Manager, right-click the project that you would like to archive, and select “Export Project Archive”.

How can you save a project file in DaVinci Resolve?

To save a project file, you need to open the project manager window, right-click on the project you plan to save as a project file, and then select an option from the dropdown menu.

Final words

Thankfully, now you know where DaVinci Resolve saves projects and how you can always change that to whatever you want.

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