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How to Undo in Premiere Pro [Super Fast, No Fluff]


It’s super easy to undo in Premiere Pro, so I will get straight to the point.

Quick guide to undo in Premiere Pro

All you need to do to undo is:

  1. Go to “Edit” in the top left
  2. Then click on “Undo“. You can also use a keyboard shortcut “Command + Z” on Mac and “Ctrl + Z” on Windows.

See the “History” panel of changes in Premiere Pro

I want to inform you of the “History” panel in Premiere Pro. It’s ideal if you want to go back on further changes and see what you have done.

  1. Go to “Window” and make sure “History” is enabled
  2. Find the “History” box in Premiere Pro. Some layouts may show it in the bottom left section.
history panel
enable history

Video tutorial

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